Rhode Island Advocacy for Children believes no parent should have to navigate the Special Education puzzle by themselves. Especially, those families who do not have the financial resources to independently handle the costs of special education professionals and experts. Alarming statistics show children with disabilities, racial/diverse cultures and who are low income have disparate outcomes in education. We work with families to clarify the challenges they have within their child's Individualized Education Plan. We draw upon our network of professionals and collaborator to provide the information they need in order to ensure their child is receiving a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). We provide these services at low-cost or no-cost, depending on families income. Call us today and let us know how we can help your family.

Review And Consultation

Before IEP, 504, and evaluation meetings with the school are scheduled, we can work together to develop a strategic plan. Our consultation and review is designed to support you throughout the educational process. We provide the information and support you need to work directly with the school. You can also chose to have us support you during these sometimes contentious and complex meetings. Through collaboration with other Rhode Island services and professionals, the knowledge of special education laws and regulations, our consultations allow you to focus on your child and his or her individual needs. Attempting to juggle a wide range of issues, challenges, personalities, and hidden agendas can be formidable indeed -- we are here to help!

Planning And Organization

Often times the most daunting task is acquiring and organizing your child's school records. This is particularly important if you:

  • Have not kept ALL of your child's grades, reports, team meeting notes, copies of IEPs, correspondence, and other documents over the years or suspect that the school district may not have all the information that is needed in order to design a thorough and comprehensive educational program at school.

It is imperative that your records are complete and organized in the most efficient manner. This allows you, an advocate, special education attorney or other professional access to a document at the exact time it is needed.You are entitled to ALL of your child's records compiled throughout the years by the school(s). The right to review school records is guaranteed by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).

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Attendance At IEP Meetings


Preparation is the key to ensuring your child receives the appropriate educational supports and evaluations.

  • We meet with you personally to create goals, agendas, and action plans to develop winning strategies for your child's IEP Meeting.

  • We attend IEP meetings with you to guide, advocate, and assist you in communicating your concerns.

  • We plan and present thoughtful requests for services during the IEP meeting.

  • We assist you with follow-up written documents to memorialize goals and the action items you discussed in the IEP Team Meeting.

Never go into an IEP meeting alone if communication with the school has become increasingly difficult, you are uncomfortable, the terms and recommendations are not understandable or your requests for services are falling on deaf ears.

We arrange referrals and, in some cases, low or no-cost services from education experts, special education attorneys and other professionals who will always put your child first!

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